Teaching Grammar Seminar



Our ACPI Grammar Seminar last June 27/28 was a huge success! We had a FULL HOUSE at Cultura Británica. Thanks a lot to our four prestigious lecturers, Marisel Bollati, María Belén Oliva, Patricia Meehan and Sandra Fadda for generously sharing their expertise with the ACPI community and for their commitment to teacher development. And many thanks, too, to Cultura Británica authorities for lending us their comfortable premises, and to our dear sponsors, Oxford (OUP), Cengage, Pearson-Longman, Blackpool Libros, SBS, Enjoyit Cultura, Cambridge Centre, Academia Argüello, English Programmes, Passport and Alfajores La Quinta. A BIG CLAP to all of them for making this a great event and we hope we can meet you again at our next Seminar: TEACHING YOUNG LEARNERS… See you then!