Free of charge for ACPI members

Literature and English(es), by Luciano Camio


Dates: To be determined.

Content: Picturebooks, performance poetry, hyperfiction, twitterature… Come join us to discover new voices and new literary formats in the world of literature written in English. Ready to explore how we can use literature to promote reading, while enhancing our students’ intercultural fluency and critical and multimodal literacies? Don’t miss this great chance!


Technology in the EFL classroom, by Sandra Gastaldi and the Two Trendy Teachers

Dates: To be determined.

Content:  4 hands-on workshops (You are expected to bring your own notebook/netbook)

■ Explore the world of Web 2.0 to enhance your teaching practices: learn how to use Blogs and Wikis to entice your students into creative activities.
■ Explore the benefits of Flipped Classrooms for EFL purposes


The Art of Storytelling in the ESL class,by Mara Pagliamara

Dates: To be determined


  • What is storytelling?  The teller and the listener.  Why storytelling in the class? Developing critical and creative thinking skills through stories.  Bonding through stories.
  • The story lab:  selecting stories.  Different types of storytelling to suit your teaching and personal style.  The right place and the right time.
  • Crafting a good story. Tools, strategies and techniques.
  • Interactive Storytelling Presentations  (ISPs).  Storytelling and drama.
  • Digital storytelling


ViriA new process for professional growth: Critical Friending, by Virginia Giraudo

Content: Becoming a Critical Friend is a process of self-reflection, observation and open discussion with colleagues to promote reflective practice. We will read the latest material published on the topic and try out the techniques proposed.